Gino de Pasquale

As a senior marketing strategist, I have worked very closely with some amazing people, some amazing brands, and been witness to many amazing business outcomes. I understand what it takes to be a success; I understand what it takes to remain focused on your core principles and values, and I know how to drive a business from very early beginnings to its ultimate success.

Gino De Pasquale

As a marketer, I preach the virtues of building a business platform around a couple of key premises.

Firstly, always build the business around “Customer Value”.

The definition of marketing is “meeting customer’s needs and wants, and delivering them at a profit”.  I am amazed how such a simple theory has been lost in today’s complicated business process and how often I walk away from sessions thinking “those guys are making things so difficult!!!”

I feel very passionate about good strategy, based on a clear purpose or vision.

It’s that simple.

Quite often, the more difficult task is staying on “path”……..which raises the other critical issue of a sound business platform…..”Narrowing the Focus”.

Al Ries and Jack Trout – two legendary marketing practitioners – have written copious volumes around the idea of staying on track, staying true to your greatest value, and empowering your business strategy by using one simple word….NO.

NO  – we don’t need to extend our family brand to include that.

NO – we don’t need the capital expense on an unrelated venture.

NO – that person/client won’t best suit our family culture.

And the list goes on and on.